Storage Tips

Store Your Items Smartly...

Use Sturdy Boxes

Use sturdy boxes and fill them to capacity to help avoid collapsing or tipping when they are stacked one on top of another.

Place Heavy Items in Small Boxes

Heavy items should be packed in smaller boxes so that they are easy to lift or carry (i.e., books and tools).

Use Bubble Wrap or Foam

Always protect your fragile items by packing them with bubble wrap or foam pouches, etc.

Always Label Your Boxes

You should always label your boxes for easy retrieval. Fragile labels and location labels (i.e., bedroom, kitchen) are excellent to use.

Utilize Your Units Height

Utilize the height in your unit as this will save space later. Keep items you may need later at the front of your unit.

Allow for Ventilation

Do not lean your items against the walls; allow for ventilation behind and to the sides of your goods. Skids or pallets can also help elevate your items off the floor.

Cover Furniture with Plastic

Cover your furniture with plastic to protect from dust or damage while transporting/storing.

Make Sure Appliances are Dry

Make sure your appliances are dry when placed in storage. It helps to leave your refrigerator or freezer door slightly ajar.

Drain Gas & Oil from Machines

Drain any gas and oil from yard machines before placing them in storage.

Don't Store Food or Perishables

Never store any food or perishable items as they may attract rodents, or insects. Do not store flammable or toxic items.

Get it Insured

If it's worth storing then it's worth insuring. You should always have content insurance while storing your valuables.